About Richard Dron // Disruptive Innovation Research
About Richard Dron //  Innovation & SMEs

How does innovation happen in our SMEs? This is something I am questioning! How can SMEs bring new technologies and processes within their strategies?

I’ve started this blog to align with my PhD research. I am thinking about innovation in SMEs. I am considering organisations that have absorptive capacity  to innovate with their strategies.

What challenges do they face? How do they become innovative? Could doing some change everything?

What about your organisation though?

I would like to start conversations. I am carrying out research with SMEs looking to innovate. My blog will help me keep a record of my research. Also, I can introduce you to disruptive people, projects and papers I am trying to make sense of. We can also chat about my research.

Innovation in my organisation!

My research and consultancy relates to innovation of processes and technologies in SMEs.  Part of my role within the school is to help organisations innovate. I work within Salford Business School where I teach across the Business IT undergraduate portfolio of courses and MSc modules in relation to Information Systems, Information Management and Digital Marketing. But, I also specialise in action research that delivers solutions to live industry problems. Professionally, I have worked as a digital project manager encompassing solution architecture, web development and online social media presence. I like to think that I have a good idea of what’s happening in both the real and digital world. In this is a blog I’m giving you the chance to disagree with me!

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I’m possibly a bit of a geek! I have a few geek tendencies anyway. I’m not actually overly ashamed of it either. I also like normal stuff like guitars (and musical instruments generally), food and drink, going out and socialising.

See, lots normal things!

That said, academically I am interested in how innovation is implemented in SMEs. We can discuss this if you have time to chat!. Possibly you are interested in that sort of thing too! Maybe over a beer – I’m pretty flexible. You can even drop me a line or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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